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Web developers in Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR


NextGem's Design/development services Victoria BC and Portland Oregon

Ongoing management

NextGem's Ongoing website management services Victoria BC and Portland Oregon

Mercantool E-commerce

NextGem's Mercantol E-commerce development Victoria BC and Portland Oregon

Web marketing

NextGem's Planning and consultation services Victoria BC and Portland Oregon

Web design and development in Victoria BC and in Portland OR. Full-service handcoded HTML/CSS, graphic design, programming and e-commerce, website management, hosting, and search engine marketing.

Your next gem

“One of the Internet's strengths is its ability to help consumers find the right needle in a digital haystack of data.”

— Jared Sandberg

NextGEM'S Elated clients

“We knew from the start that redeveloping our web site would be a special project due to its scope, complex business area, and public image of the CEO. Littlejohn's advice, technical guidance and development were essential to bringing our web site and ideas to life. We re excited by the resulting site; our clients and overseas partners are, too. Thank you very much, Littlejohn, for helping us move forward.”

— John Leitner, CEO
W.J. Byrnes

“It is a pleasure to work with NextGEM. They know how to improve our website in conjunction with our style guidelines, capacity to maintain the site and our budget. NextGEM facilitates changes easily and efficiently. I would highly recommend them.”

— Melanie Martinoff, Sales and Marketing Coordinator
The Four Graces Winery

“NextGem has helped me organize and grow my business without breaking the bank. Their response time continues to impress me and they have been extremely helpful on the creative front. They are always there when I need them and a joy to deal with.”

— Casey Rice, President
Huntco Supply

“Starting with the first telephone meeting and through every step, their technological explanations were understandable, they made important editing choices, and the finished product is finely tuned. They made the process understandable, do-able, professional, personal, and possible. Most importantly it turned out like I had always imagined it. I recommend this team highly for any project.”

— Elisabeth Schock, Marketing Manager
Grand Cru Estates

“First-class job on the Alaska Wild Berry Products website. It's exciting, it's fun, it's informative, it's a website destination! It makes us all proud. Thank you so very much, Littlejohn.”

— Peter Eden, President
Alaska Wild Berry Products, Inc.

“Finding NextGEM was a stroke of luck in the early days of our company. They helped design a useful website for our customers, and they built a great background framework for us to be able to do continual updates ourselves. I appreciate their willingness to provide suggestions and alternatives when I can't articulate what I want, too!”

— Amy Beth Charnes
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